Ruth Campau combines painting and sculpture in her singular installations; for IMAGINE GOLD she becomes an alchemist.

Her works oscillate between light and matter, transparency and density, paint and object, ephemeral and tangible, body and design.

She works in straight and dense layers of paint in radiating cool yellow, steel gray, silver and violet, her painting surface is acrylic glass and mylar. A thin layer of paint covers the whole length of the surface, which is formed into fascinating objects and installations. Organic and geometric, lucid and yet magic, with reminiscences of interior design, yet autonomous, and not subjected to any function. Ruth Campau‘s inspiration is the turning point in art history where painting leaves the canvas: particularly the artistic tendencies of the American west coast of the 1970s. Her paintings becomes architecture and alchemy, creates new spaces and expands the feld of painting.

Ruth Campau studied Art History in Copenhagen and is a member of the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

She received several awards and prices so far: amongst them a residency at ISCP New York (2013), the Mogens Ziegler Fond (2012), the scholarship of the Danish Arts Foundation (2008-2010), as well as the Honorary Prize of the Danish Arts Foundation (2004).

In addition to several solo shows – at Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen (2015), ISCP New York (2013), and Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg (2010), amongst others – she presented her works in distinct group shows, for instance at Esbjerg Art Museum (2015), Stadtgalerie Kiel (2013) and The Barker Hangar, Los Angeles (2012).